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37 years of making signs

Cam River Signs - making signs for over 35 years

Gray and Leslie Hodge have been the sole owners and operators of Cam River Signs for over 35 years.

We began simply in 1984 BC (Before Computers), with a few brushes, a step ladder and a Landrover, then progressed through to the computer age to become the first in Tasmania to embrace computerised sign making.

However, we have not lost sight of our original aim to keep the business small, home based, friendly and personal.

This philosophy has also helped us, by God's Grace, to survive difficult times, past and present.

Still passionate about making professional, clear and attractive signs for your business, club, church or organisation

We are still passionate about making signs and helping your business, club, church or organisation to project a professional, clear and attractive image through your signage. 

Call around for a chat and a cuppa, or if you like I will come to you.

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Making Signs Since 1984